Insecurity in South Sudan capital Juba

Is the President Salva Kiir saved

who is responsible for night killing in Juba

By Denis Dumo-Juba 

Below are other crimes and criminal related killings in Juba

October 2012, Deng Athuai the chairperson of South Sudan’s Civil Society Alliance was kidnapped at gunpoint and was later found abandoned at a graveyard at the suburb of Juba.

In Nov 2012, unknown gunmen attacked the house of SPLA Major General Malek Reuben in Juba, his bodyguard was killed in the attack.

In April 2013, a boy was found killed and dumped near the house of the then deputy minister of interior Salva Mathok, the motives of the murder was never established or killers brought to book.

In July 2013, Deng Athuai the chairperson of South Sudan’s Civil Society Alliance disappeared and was later found “crying inside sack along the road side” between Kabur-tit and Gumba forest by the South Sudan security services according to sources.

In March 2014, SPLA Brig. Gen Kawach Deng Kawach was shot and killed in Juba, the killer believed to be a police officer was arrested.

In August 2014, an unidentified gunman shot and injured the head of South Sudan’s civil society alliance, Deng Athuai, on Friday, forcing several people to flee the crime scene for safety.

This week (Nov 2014) a police officer guarding a house of government official shot dead an assailant but was fatally wounded in the process and died while en route to the hospital. The motive of shooting is not known.

Today, former mayor of Yei in Central Equatoria State Cecilia Tito Oba Mayor and her office manager were found dead in Juba on Saturday afternoon near Yei road opposite UNMISS compound, according to the state government.

President Kiir shaking hands with D.Governor of Central Equatoria Manassah Lomole


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