Scramble to decongest Juba camps after first rains


 By Denis Dumo-Juba 

The United Nations and aid agencies say they are rushing to decongest the overcrowded Tongping and UN House camps in Juba after a week of rains, the first of the impending rainy season in South Sudan. The peacekeeping mission is preparing new ground on which to settle the camp residents, most of whom have spent three months under UN protection.

Heavy rains have flooded camp residents’ shelters, collapsed tents, and created pools of stagnant water in and around homes. About a fifth of the homes in the Tongping camp were flooded or destroyed in the first rains on 7 March.

Facing the onset of the rainy season, NGOs and residents are worried about a deadly health situation inside the IDP camps in Juba, particularly Tongping camp where there is poor sanitation and cases of malnutrition. Watery diarrhea, measles and malaria, coupled with malnutrition, are reported to be…

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