Nybaba: I don’t know why I’m no longer on Coup list



By Denis Dumo Scopas-JUBA


Qn: Dr Peter Adwok, what does it mean that your name was not among the 11 coup plotters accused by the government of attempted a coup?

Adwok, I don’t know why they did not mention by name. You know I supposed to be among them.

Qn: But are you not among those who were released on the bail. And how does it mean to you that your name does not appear in the court?

Adwok, well my name doesn’t appear here, and of course I don’t know which one am I now, whether free or not.

Qn: How did you analysis the first session of the court hearing according to your view today?

Adwok, Well, the session has just began of mentioning the case and for me the way I see the case cannot be made on two things which is one a hear saying and the other is something structure from a press statement, It’s doesn’t indicate that there is so sort of plotting.

Qn: there are request from the lead prosecution requesting the court should be in camera which the court has rejected the requesting saying it will be made in due cost. How do you react on that?  

Adwok, well, this is the case which attracting a lot of interest both locally and regionally and internationally, so you can’t do it in camera, it should be open so that the people should know whether the government has the facts about the coup or not.

Because up now they did not give to the world the evidence of the coup, the evidence of a coup can’t come from the press statement on the 6th December, 2013.

Qn: the public are concerned about the trial, what do you say to them?

Adwok, we still do not know the outcome of the court, and nobody can- what we called jumping the Gun at this stage; it is difficult to say anything here. We want to see how the judges react and to test the justices system in South Sudan.

Denis Dumo, Thank you.



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2 Responses to Nybaba: I don’t know why I’m no longer on Coup list

  1. charles ladu says:

    you are doing a great job for the people of s.sudan and we hoping for more updates about this issue

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